Fululizo and Nakuru County Ajiry Studio team up to record podcasts

Exciting! That sums the take home by IML Digital Fululizo Multi-Media Team who visited Nakuru at the invitation of the County Government of Nakuru (CGN) Department for Youth, Sports, Gender, Social Services and Inclusivity. IML Digital and the CGN are in discussion on how Fululizo Channel can add value to the County’s Ajiry Studio, which was launched by the Hon. Governor Susan Kihika in August 2023.

The Fululizo Team spent the day with the CGN Ajiry Studio Personnel, recording a series of podcasts that will be deployed to youth in Nakuru County. This budding collaboration aims to empower the CGN Ajiry Studio Personnel to produce high quality podcasts with impact on youth affairs. IML Digital Team has deep experience in podcast production and looks forward to collaborating with CGN for the benefit of youth in terms of self-growth, employment, enterprise and income generation.

The Department of Youth and Sports is looking to collaborate with Integral Media Limited (IML) to operate the county’s innovative Podcast Studio at Menengai Social Hall Bondeni, Nakuru Town East Sub-county.

Through this collaboration, the aim is to promote talent and provide employment opportunities for the youth.

Chief Officer for Youth, Sports, and Talent Alex Maina highlighted that this collaboration aligns with Governor Susan Kihika’s manifesto on youth empowerment.

Who among us does not feel the shadow of fear cast by the cowardly laws of these past years? The Scoundrel Laws terrorize not only those who might commit violence, but anyone who associates with them. They reward those who denounce their brothers and sisters, sowing distrust and ill-will. They freeze our hearts and our tongues, by punishing with prison anyone who provokes, praises, or merely seeks to understand those mad acts to which an insane society has driven a few poor souls.

County Govt of Nakuru – Social Media Post

Topics covered during the collaborative recording session included crime, climate change and unemployment. Prior to this recording session, CGN has identified the specific issues that will form the podcast set content. IML Digital Team prepared the scripts and a team of 8 from IML joined the studio session.

Fululizo Crew at work
Unemployment in Nakuru
Crime Advice to youth in Nakuru

Critical issues voiced during the session include:
On Crime
✓ What are the factors that contribute to crime in Nakuru County?
✓Where is crime mostly perpetuated in Nakuru County?
✓ What is the Directorate of Youth Affairs doing to combat the situation.
On climate change
✓ How is climate change affecting the Youth of Nakuru County?
✓ What are the measures the Directorate of Youth Affairs taking to mitigate Climate change?
✓ How can the youth be involved in the programmes under the Directorate of Youth Affairs?
On youth unemployment
✓ What are the causes of youth unemployment in Nakuru County?
✓ How is the Directorate of Youth Affairs helping to address this problem?
✓ What are the success stories that have been recorded so far.

Climate Change Issues in Nakuru
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