IML and Nairobi County cooperate to deploy podcasts to youth

The County Government of Nairobi and Integral Media Ltd, owner of the Fululizo Multi-Media Channel, entered into a collaboration to build the capacity of youth in Nairobi using digital tools. The was under the Governor’s Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) that sought to make a difference in a crash period of 100 days.

The rapid action plan involved the production of podcasts on lifeskills, career and personal health by IML Digital, while the County Govt mobilised youth to receive capacity building. IML Digital used the Potensheer Life Purpose programme as an anchor to the mentorship. Potensheer’s Rosemary Ngigi trained the youth on finding their life purpose, while the IML Fululizo Team undertook specialist interviews with experts identified by the County Govt. The content was used to develop podcasts which were availed to the youth via Fululizo Channel’s USSD Platform *384*585#

IML Team delivered mentorship and digital content focused on mental health, life purpose, and the triple threat of HIV, teen pregnancy, and lack of youth job-readiness

Courtesy: Nairobi County Govt Rapid Results Initiative

Podcasts produced by IML’s Fululizo Crew covered economic empowerment, business start-ups, SRH, peace and conflict. To prepare the youth to consume the podcasts, IML held two Yakazi Work & Business Opportunities (YABO) Forums at Jericho Social Hall themed, “Know your life purpose”.

This component was delivered using the POTENSHEER LIFE PURPOSE PROGRAM approach, which takes one through an in-depth process aimed at helping the youth understand key life enhancement aspects.

> Purpose-driven work and business
> How purpose drives profitability
> How to clarify their personal “Why for Work” and determine the value they bring to the marketplace
> How to identify their best-fit work and business opportunities
> Personality traits and soft skills for success in work and life

These YABO Forums executed by IML are part of the Company’s empowerment tools. YABOs are meant to unpack the potential of Youth by connecting them to their inner talents as well as creating linkages between them and potential employers and business partners in the marketplace.
A total of 142 youth attended the forums held on 31st May 2023 and 2nd June 2023 at Jericho Social Hall.
The Fululizo Podcast deployment + the YABO Approach have proven a Youth Training & Mentorship Game Changer as it provides an opportunity for practical self-audit exercises. YABOs include a plenary session and group discussions so as to ensure high levels of content assimilation. Thereafter, these practical sessions are enhanced by post-training guidance provided via podcasts.

Finding Your Life Purpose
Job Readiness
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